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Hebron Elementary Recipe for Student SUCCESS!

Step 1: Problem Identification
Question: What is the problem?
Who: Teacher and Problem Solving Team

1. Teacher fills out and returns to RTI team leader.
2. Team reviews Teacher Request for Assistance Form
3. Team determines what data collection areas are needed
o Review cum file
o Interviews
o Observations*
o Test data
Team leader assigns and records responsibilities for collection of data on Problem Identification Screening form.
4. Follow up date determined for Step 2: Analyze the Problem.

Step 2: Problem Analysis

Question: Why is the problem occurring?
5 Possible Reasons
  1. They do not want to do the task
  2. They have not spent enough time doing the task
  3. They have not had enough help to do the task
  4. They have not had to do the task that way before
  5. The task is too hard
Who: Teacher and Problem Solving Team
1. Discuss and record data on Problem Analysis Form (RIOT/ICEL)
2. State the discrepancy between target student performance and peer performance (example of discrepancy statement in glossary)RTI Glossary
3. Generate hypothesis statement (see example of hypothesis statement on Problem Analysis Form (RIOT/ICEL)
4. Choose the most validated and alterable hypothesis
5. Return to and complete section E on Problem Identification Screening Summary
Problem Analysis is the process of gathering relevant information in the domains of the instruction, curriculum, environment, and the learner (ICEL) through the use of reviews, interviews, observations, and test (RIOT) in order to evaluate the underlying causes of the problem.

Step 3: Develop Plan
Question: What is the goal?
Who: Teacher and Problem Solving Team (Parent can be invited)
1. Discuss and complete Intervention Plan

Step 4: Plan Implementation
Question: How will the plan be implemented?
Who: Teacher and Problem Solving Team
1. Put intervention plan into place
2. Integrity Checklist completed by team member
3. Schedule follow up date for intervention plan review

Step 5: Evaluation Plan
Question: Was the goal met?
Who: Teacher and Problem Solving Team
1. Review Integrity Checklist
2. Complete Plan Evaluation